​Infinity Music Hall with Hal Ketchum

​with Stonewall Jackson in Denmark

"Ketchum's band has been in place for some time, and they played like a well-primed unit, especially on 'The Unforgiven' (which featured strong lead guitar work from Kenny Grimes)" -- "Ketchum comes home to deliver great music", Michael Eck, Times Union-Albany NY, Oct. 2, 2006

In Switzerland with Thomas Michael Riley and Randy Brown

Live at Daryl's House with Hal Ketchum​

Auditorium Shoes, Austin TX ​with Gary P Nunn

​At Cribworks Digital Audio with Merel Bregante

​with Hal Ketchum at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace - Bakersfield, CA

​The Grand Ole Opry with Hal Ketchum

​KG and Chris Wall

​KG with Phil Collins in San Antonio, TX

"Those who did attend saw a terrific show, and responded enthusiastically. Ketchum's backup band, The Staggering Prophets, provided expert accompaniment, and Kenny Grimes' guitar solos were particularly good. Nico Lephonte was on drums and Keith Carper on bass." -- "Ketchum concert delights crowd", John I. Carney, Times-Gazette Shelbyville, Tennessee, Jan. 13, 2009

​KG and Vince Gill

​with Thomas Michael Riley in Luckenbach TX

​Gruene Hall with Bret Graham and Gerry Burns

The Grand Ole Opry with Hal Ketchum

​KG with Joe Ely

​Hal Ketchum and The Staggering Prophets

 Copyright © Kenny Grimes

KG, Chris Wall, Tommy Alverson and Thomas Michael Riley

​Luckenbach Dancehall with Hal Ketchum

In a Green Room ​Somewhere waiting to play

​Fox 7 Studios in Austin TX

​Live at Daryl's House with Hal Ketchum

​At Cedar Creek Recording Studio with Hal Ketchum

Pickin' with Redd ​Volkaert

​with Doug Floyd and The Volunteer Fire Ants

​Pickin' with Willie Nelson

"...backed by...sure-handed electric guitarist Kenny Grimes, one of Nashville's best-kept secrets." -- "POP MUSIC," Buzz McClain, Washington Post, Oct. 22, 2005"

Luckenbach Tx sitting in with Gary P Nunn and S O B Band

​KG, Stephen Bruton and Hal Ketchum